A capture-the-flag security event sponsored by Raytheon, IBM, and Galois.

2017 results

(54 student participants, 2/25/2017)

  1. wwmr 1340 pts.
  2. UOSec 850 pts.
  3. b0tchsec 660 pts.
  4. SST (high-school) 640 pts.
  5. uelen 440 pts.
  6. Teemo 340 pts.
  7. Jesuit (high-school) 330 pts.
  8. malSolo 150 pts.
  9. pyrrh 130 pts.
  10. Hopeful 130 pts.


Run since 2013, OregonCTF has been held annually to help students learn and practice their security skills in a fun and challenging format. Because many CTFs are difficult for beginners to begin with, OregonCTF is focused on teaching and learning with a session dedicated to level walkthroughs and tool demonstrations. If you are interested in participating in next year's event, please contact Wu-chang Feng (wuchang at pdx.edu).