Oregon CTF

2015 Results

(42 student participants, 3/7/2015)

  1. Noah Zentzis (PSU) 1940 pts.
  2. Morgan Zhang (UO) 1320 pts.
  3. Simon Niklaus (PSU) 1230 pts.
  4. Steven Willoughby (PSU) 1120 pts.
  5. Daniel Reichert (OSU) 1100 pts.
  6. Essa Alkuwari (PSU) 940 pts.
  7. Ryan Niebur (PSU) 750 pts.
  8. Ryan Hall (OSU) 710 pts.
  9. Peter Cowal (Jesuit HS) 650 pts. (Top high-school)

A capture-the-flag security event sponsored by Raytheon and Oregon's ETIC and organized by Portland State University, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University.

Thank you to all of the students and security professionals who combined to make this year's event a success!

Next year's event will be held in early 2016 and will be team-based. If you are interested in coaching a student team either before or during the event or if you are interested in sponsoring or participating in next year's event, please contact Wu-chang Feng (wuchang at pdx.edu).

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